That’s so happy….

Well, we now have our first President to publicly endorse “gay marriage”.  I suppose one could wish that President Obama wants everyone who is married to be happy, but I’m not sure that’s it. 

How, one might ask, does a culture go from homosexuality being illegal to homosexual “marriage” being endorsed by the President in one generation?  The answer is not simply that our culture has grown more tolerant of homosexuality.  The fact is that our culture first devalued marriage, and this devaluation of marriage has led us to the precipice of mono-genital nuptials. 

The introduction of “no fault” divorce led to a society that values student loans more than marriage. If you think that sounds strange, consider this:  Unless you are completely disabled you cannot discharge student loans in a bankruptcy.  No matter how talented your legal representation may be, student loans are the ultimate legally binding contract in our society.  Now suppose, instead, you decide you want to tear up the marriage license you paid for at the county courthouse after a couple of years… No problem, no fault.  In a sane society would we really make student loan payments more important than family integrity? 

Once marriage became disposable, it quickly became less important.  Without legal sanction or social stigma to prevent it, divorce spread through our nation like a flesh-eating bacteria.  In point of fact, not only is divorce not stigmatized, it is even celebrated….  (Try doing a search for “divorce party” if you can stomach it).  Our legal system failed marriage, and our churches have fallen all over themselves to be the most accommodating places around for divorcees… And of course you cannot accommodate divorcees without doing the same for divorce itself, and never mind what that musty old Bible says about “repentance”. 

Which has what, exactly, to do with gay marriage?  A large swath of the population in our country today puts no value whatsoever on marriage, straight, gay or other.  The ability of a small minority to use the courts in some of our more liberal states to enact “gay marriage” by edict would not be possible if people in general were not so apathetic about marriage in general.  And people would not be apathetic about marriage were it a real, genuine, life-long commitment between two people.  Until the law and the church return to marriage as a binding contract we will continue to see the institution “re-defined” out of existence, and no one will be gay about that….


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