Yes, God Really Does Hate Divorce

I recently came across an article by a fellow named Joel Davisson who passes himself off as a Christian counselor who ministers to other Christians about their marriages.  Having read the article in its entirety, I can say a few things about it and its author.  First of all, Joel Davisson is a heretic, and, if his wife Kathy does indeed act as he claims, she is a false prophetess.  There are several markers of heresy throughout the article, and they begin quite early, so let’s break it down.  (The web address for the article is ).

First of all, Joel wants us to know that God’s hatred for divorce “is NOT the central message of Malachi 2.”  Now I’ve read Malachi 2 quite a few times, and this certainly comes as a surprise to me.  How did Joel come to this epiphany?  Well, simply, his wife is a prophetess and she had a revelation:

“Years ago, Kathy experienced a rage. It lasted one day. She was totally confused as to where this rage came from and what it was all about. That evening, while we were ministering, (this was in our early years, when the marriage was rough) God spoke to Kathy and said, �The anger that you feel is what I feel about divorce. I hate divorce.� The word-picture was perfect for the message that we were sharing that night (even though our marriage was having severe troubles!) Instantly, the anger lifted and Kathy shared the experience with those in attendance.”

Now this seems a bit surprising to me.  After all, Elijah never had a prophecy that contradicted previously written scripture, nor did Isaiah, or Ezekiel, or Daniel, or Jeremiah.  Most telling of all, Christ Himself never contradicted revealed scripture, stating that “not one jot or one tittle” would pass away until all was fulfilled.  Does Kathy believe that she is a greater prophet than any of these?  Yes, I am aware that the specific words above do not exactly contradict Malachi, but the rest of the article, which is supposed to be based on the new understanding Kathy received through her own, personal, special revelation, directly refutes Malachi.

Concerning Malachi 2, Joel then states:

“There is not ONE SINGLE MESSAGE to wives in this passage.

God is NOT addressing a wife who has been treated treacherously.

He is NOT telling wives that they must stay faithful to their covenant of marriage if their husbands are treating them treacherously.”

Well, no, the message was to men.  Because under the Law of Moses ONLY MEN were allowed to divorce.  Women were never granted the right to do so.  Apparently Joel is unaware of this fact, or perhaps it is simply inconvenient to his argument.

Now Joel goes on at length about the fact this passage deals with wives who were treated treacherously by their husbands, which is true insofar as it goes.  But how does Joel suggest this treachery was manifested? 

“The message is this: �Men, quit treating your wives poorly. Quit abusing them. Quit discarding their feelings. Quit yelling at and controlling them. Quit committing adultery. Quit looking at pornography. Quit being alcoholics, drug addicts, workaholics and quit putting ministry and other things above your wife. Why? Because if you do not quit treating your wife treacherously, you are going to end up divorced �”and God hates divorce. You are going to end up divorced �” and it is going to be YOUR fault.�”

Where to begin?  First of all, Malachi states clearly what he means by treachery in vv. 14-16.  The men of Israel were putting away (divorcing) their faithful Israelite wives and marrying foreign women.  This is the sum total of Malachi’s indictment of treachery.  Nothing about “discarding their feelings” (really Joel?), “yelling at and controlling them” (Husbands who control their wives are treacherous?  Which version of the Bible says that?), “workaholics” (Joel, REALLY?).  All of which is topped off with “you are going to end up divorced” (note the passive tense…..  Joel is teaching that the wife is authorized to divorce for these “reasons” but he doesn’t have the ….. er….um… spine to say it.) 

Well, NO, that is not what Malachi said, not even close.  First of all, the men in this passage were not going to “end up divorced” unless they did the divorcing.  The wife could not divorce her husband under the Law of Moses.  Joel entirely re-defines “treachery” from what Malachi said to create a system wherein a wife is justified in divorcing her husband if he is guilty of “discarding her feelings” or “controlling” her.  I suppose Kathy is totally out of Joel’s control and he subjects himself to her feelings in that matter.  What a real man you are, Joel. 

Now Joel makes his coup de grace with this gem:

“Men, obey the Word: Quit dealing treacherously with your wives. Why? Because if you don�t, you are going to end up divorced �” and God hates divorce. We are not going to applaud you as a great man of God anymore if you cannot keep one little wife happy.�”

Now remember, by Joel’s definition “treachery” includes “discarding” your wife’s feelings.  The final line here tells us the REAL thinking behind this… you are not a “great man of God” if you “cannot keep one little wife happy.”  Joel’s definition of a “great man of God” is someone who “keeps one little wife happy.”  Okay then…..

Obviously Job was not a great man of God, regardless of what the Bible says.  Certainly Moses’ wife was unhappy with him, and yet he still put his ministry ahead of her feelings, so Moses is not a great man of God.  Even Eve was dissatisfied with the Garden of Eden, so I suppose Joel thinks God is also a failure.  Or maybe Joel just didn’t think this through?

Now what about Kathy?  We learn all we need to know about Kathy in Revelation 2:20-23.  She is a false prophetess who seduces women to commit fornication by preaching a false gospel of easy divorce.  She calls herself a prophetess, but she prophecies by the spirit of Jezebel, not the Holy Spirit.  If she does not repent it is clear what her end will be, as well as that of those who follow her. 

No, Joel and Kathy are not Christians, and their “ministry” is not in the service of Jesus Christ or His Gospel.  They are servants of Satan, prophesying through  the spirit of Jezebel, troubling the church and those most in need of help.  Mark them as the dogs and sorcerers that they are and avoid them.



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4 responses to “Yes, God Really Does Hate Divorce

  1. I sincerely hope you don’t seriously think it’s NOT treacherous or sinful for a husband to control his wife. It’s called common sense; the Bible doesn’t have to spell everything out. And there’s a difference between keeping your wife happy and discarding her feelings.

    • First of all it is not “treacherous” by definition. Now, how do you define “control”? If I, as a husband, decide what church my family will attend, am I controlling my wife? I believe I actually am, but not in a sinful way. Headship is a form of control. Control is sinful if used for sinful purposes, but an absence of control is, well, uncontrolled.
      Yes, I realize there is a difference between keeping your wife happy and discarding her feelings. But do you genuinely believe that either one constitutes a scriptural/Biblical reason for divorce? There are any number of foolish mistakes young (or not so young) married couples make from time to time. That’s the reason to realize divorce is NOT an option…. so that you can grow in grace and knowledge together. If a married couple broke up every time someone’s feelings were discarded (or they felt their feelings were discarded) our divorce rate would be close to 100%.

      • No, I don’t think they’re grounds for divorce. And yes, I think controlling is an absolute sin in marriage; leading someone is not controlling.

  2. CoffeeCrazed

    Fully realizing that this thread is way old…
    @Jennifer: How do you distinguish controlling from leading? If I as a husband say, “this is what is going to happen”, is that controlling? If I as a husband say, “what do you want to happen and I will make it so”, is that leading?

    The servant leadership model is horribly misconstrued in modern Christianity. The husband has become the XO. Christ certainly did things like wash feet, etc., but He did not execute on Peter’s (was it?) desires that he not fulfill his mission. Sure, He died for our sins, to see us fulfill the Father’s vision for his creation. It wasn’t a sacrifice the church was asking for. The path was defined and He helped facilitate.

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