Two of Six

Yesterday the sermon for our church was on gay marriage.  The preacher was making a point about homosexual marriage undermining true marriage, during which he showed a picture of six children from on the Bible classes and asked what their future would be in a country with gay marriage.

What struck me as interesting was that I immediately recognized two of the six children as belonging to unwed mothers.  These are not women who are widowed or deserted by unfaithful husbands, nor are they victims of rape.  Each of the women in question chose to engage in sex and procreation without the benefit of marriage.

This led me to think about the message in a somewhat different light than that which the preacher intended.  Yes, I understand that homosexuality is a sin and that gay marriage is an oxymoron.  Yet when one third of the children in a random sample of your Bible class are illegitimate, perhaps there is another, more pressing problem.  Our preacher stated that “gay marriage” will lead to the dissolution of marriage.  Yet in a country where the divorce rate is fifty per cent, and one half of all live births to women under age thirty are bastards, perhaps we have already seen the dissolution of marriage.

Will gay marriage destroy traditional marriage in the United States?  No, because traditional marriage has already been destroyed.  No fault divorce, the acceptance of illegitimacy and its funding at taxpayer expense, and a culture which claims to be “Christian” yet still ignores Christ’s admonition “What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” have already seen to the demise of “traditional marriage” for most of our society.  Gay marriage certainly won’t help, but it’s coming along too late to destroy heterosexual marriage.  American family law has already done that.


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