Child Prostitution and Infanticide on Your Dime

Arizona recently passed a law barring tax payer funds to Planned Parenthood, an organization entirely dedicated to the abortion mill business.  In point of fact Planned Parenthood is so dedicated to providing abortions that, as recently documented by conservative bloggers (including James O’Keefe) they are willing to collude in child prostitution.  As if that were not enough, Planned Parenthood was begun (and continues in its mission) to abort as many minorities (especially blacks) as possible.  I suppose most people would want to avoid funding an organization that directly supports child prostitution and genocide.

Well, if you don’t like who your funds are going to, to whom do you turn?  Under U.S. law you turn to the legislature, of course, for as we all learned in Civics 101 (back when that was still taught) it is the legislative branch that holds the power of the purse.  Hence, if you want to change funding priorities, elect legislators who will act accordingly, which is just what the voters of Arizona have done.

Enter U.S. District Judge Neil Vincent Wake.  Upon hearing Planned Parenthood’s grievance that the state of Arizona has declined to fund their practice, Judge Wake has taken it upon himself to rule that Arizona MUST fund Planned Parenthood.  I suppose this is why Civics 101 is no longer taught:  It no longer applies.  Funding decisions are now made by the (unelected) judiciary.

A few thoughts on this:  1)  This is taxation without representation.  Judge Wake is NOT a representative, yet he has decided how tax funds must be allocated (and they cannot be allocated without being collected).  2) Judge Wake has decided that tax dollars are best spent on the support of infanticide, child prostitution and genocide.

MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL:  Judge Wake was appointed to the bench by (drum roll please) President George W. Bush.  That’s right, it was not Obama, Clinton or Carter who foisted this champion of pedophilia upon us, it was none other than the ostensibly “compassionate conservative” President George W. Bush.

So what do we learn?  Your guess is as good as mine, but this is not the free country you and I have always been told it is.



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4 responses to “Child Prostitution and Infanticide on Your Dime

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  2. A judge decides cases on the basis of law, laws are created by your representatives. Duh. Wingnuts are the first to appeal to the courts when they don’t like the laws, and the first to cry “Judicial Acivism!” when the don;t like the decisions of the courts.

    It’s called hypocrisy, people.

  3. tbc

    hmm.. sounds like to me that they just need to ignore the judges ruling.

  4. Dan

    The decision in no way resembles your description. Here’s a link to it:

    In short, Arizona attempted to bar state funds going to a provider which performs abortions or operates a facility in which abortions are performed. One implication of this was that Medicaid recipients would be barred from receiving medical services from any provider which performs abortions..This is, in the judge’s view, in violation of a federal law which prohibits states from preventing Medicaid recipients from choosing among qualified providers.

    If Arizona wants to prevent state funds from going to Planned Parenthood, it simply needs to amend the law to not apply to Medicaid funding.

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