2nd Amendment Rights Suspended in Arkansas

Arkansas, a solid “red” state, which just elected a Republican legislature for the first time since Reconstruction, and which also possesses an ostensibly pro-gun Democratic governor, has apparently begun to suspend the 2nd amendment rights of its citizens.

By state law Arkansas is a “shall issue” state for the issuance of licenses to carry a concealed handgun.  That is, so long as a state resident passes a required training course, demonstrates competency with a handgun, and passes a background check, the Arkansas State Police are required, by law, to issue that person a concealed handgun license.

Despite this statutory requirement, the Arkansas State Police are at this time declining to issue new licenses, and, in addition, are declining to renew existing licenses, regardless of whether the applicants/current license holders have met all legal requirements.  “Lisa” with the Arkansas State Police concealed handgun license office had advised me that this is due to a “glitch” with their “office supplies.”  Yes, that is correct, apparently the Arkansas State Police are out of “office supplies” and as a result have decided not to follow through with the legal responsibility they have to provide these permits.  “LIsa” also advised me that current license holders whose licenses expire during this time will no longer allowed to carry a handgun, period.  Arkansas state law prohibits the open carry of firearms.

“Lisa” also advised me that her office “hopes” to begin issuing licenses again sometime in the first part of 2013, but was unable to provide me with a firm date as to when this would actually occur.  Should you wish to verify this information for yourself, please contact the Arkansas State Police concealed handgun license office at (501) 618-8600.  I will provide more information as it becomes available.



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10 responses to “2nd Amendment Rights Suspended in Arkansas

  1. Carnivore

    What is the expiration time for a license?

    • The ASP have 120 days to approve or deny… Denials must state a reason in writing. Per the ASP representative I spoke with, however, this is not the reason they are currently failing to issue licenses. She specifically stated it was a “glitch,” and that, furthermore, she was unable to give an actual date when the ASP would resume issuing licenses.

      • Is this legit or not? I turned my application in the day following Columbus Day. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the second week in October. This is now the second week in December. 8 damn weeks!!!

      • Legit or not, it’s what the Arkansas State Police are currently up to. Their website states that the normal wait is “4-6 weeks.” According to state statute however, they are allowed up to 120 days…. for purpose of background check. Current delays are NOT, however, due to background checks, and they are apparently universal for both new applicants and those simply trying to renew an existing permit.

      • @okrahead – no, what I meant was, once you receive a permit for concealed carry, how long until it expires and you have to apply again?

      • 4 yrs, unless I am mistaken. Check out handgunlaw.us for more info.

  2. Are there any updates to this bullshit?

    • As of yet, no. The ASP are still not issuing permits, and are still not giving any dates when they will resume issuing permits. The ASP permit page has a screen where you can check the status of your permit; apparently this screen is telling EVERYONE who checks it that their permits are being held up pending a completion of their background checks. The ASP homepage also states that permits generally go out in 4 to 6 weeks (and in my PAST experience it has been much quicker for renewals). In point of fact a renewal should be pretty much an automatic issuance of the license, for if you have any run-ins with the law that would prevent you from gaining a permit it would already have been revoked. I have heard from other permit holders that NO ONE who has put in paperwork since October has received anything, denial or permit. I am going to check with a few of my contacts at some of the local gun stores over the next few days to see if they have any additional word on this. One point of interest in this matter is that a permit not only allows for the legal carrying of a handgun in Arkansas, it also allows the permit holder to bypass NICS checks when purchasing firearms from an FFL. Hence, at the moment, numerous individuals who COULD be purchasing firearms without going through the FBI are now being required to do so, in the busiest shopping season of the year. Curiosities do abound, don’t they?

    • Carnivore

      Update on different bullshit – federal court overturned the Illinois ban on concealed carry – being the last state to have a total ban. Court gave legislature 180 days to come up with the laws and regulations for concealed carry. Attorney General considering whether to appeal or not.


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