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In 1965 the Black illegitimacy rate was 25%…
By 2017 the Black illegitimacy rate had risen to 77%….
In 1965 there were fewer than 400 murders in Chicago, although that was still on steep curve up from the 1950s. In 2016 there were 808 murders in Chicago….
On Fathers’ Day weekend 2020 there were at least 14 homicides in Chicago and over 100 shot (111 by the best estimate). None of those 111 was shot by a police officer. At least five of those homicides were minors, one as young as 3. This is the apocalypse, and its own victims blame the only ones who can help them and embrace their oppressors.

This year the Chicago PD has shot and killed a total of three individuals; four others have been wounded in police involved shootings.  By contrast, there have been 1294 shootings in Chicago this year and 305 homicides (the police shootings are included in those numbers, please note that homicide is not synonymous with “murder” in this case; it appears all police shootings this year in Chicago have been justified, and those guys are really under a microscope right now.)  Thus police shootings account for 0.98% of Chicago homicides and police shootings account for 0.54% of all shootings.  That’s less than one percent and just barely more than half a percent for each, respectively.

Blacks make up approximately 75 % of the victims in these homicides; it is difficult to give exact numbers on who actually does the shootings as in most cases the assailant goes unidentified by the neighbors/witnesses; that being case, however, it appears that Blacks also account for almost all of the shootings of Blacks.  That gives us around 228 Blacks killed this year in Chicago; 225 shot by non-whites (there may be some Hispanic shootings of Blacks in this total as part of an ongoing gang war) and three shot and killed in gunfights with the Chicago PD.

The gist of all of this is that as our society has embraced fatherlessness we have seen an exponential rise in violence.  This is no accident; the destruction of the Black family was the canary in the coal mine.  Hispanics and Whites are walking down the same path with the dissolution of the family and can expect the same results.

Of course, this is what Black America has willingly embraced, as Black Lives (don’t) Matter has as one of their core beliefs the “disruption” of the nuclear family, as if that hasn’t already happened.


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Deti’s Suggestions

A little over a week ago Deti gave a list of suggestions concerning the Pence Principal series I’ve been working on.  I’ve given it some time for thought, and will now try to break down and address his suggestions one by one….

Sure. Other measures:
1) Thorough vetting and screening of women through all legal means, including professional law enforcement grade background checks.

Okay, you can do this with a woman you want to start a relationship with…. but that would not have helped any of the men we’ve looked at so far.  The Nebraska football coach faced accusations from a woman he had never met, and the two football players in question faced accusations from uninvolved third parties, and were “convicted” even though their respective girlfriends denied that there had ever been any abuse of any type.

2) contemporaneous documentation of all encounters.

Under the Title IX rules that were in place this is generally inadmissible; if Biden wins in November it will become inadmissible once again.

3) the “morning after” text exchange in which you extract statements from the woman that she “had a great time” and “would love to do it again soon”

See 1 and 2 above.  A third party can decide the sex was non-consensual even if your girlfriend/fiancé/wife says she gave her full consent.

4) keep and save all photos of women with which you have sexual encounters

Okay, that’s great.  It will probably just be used to prove you’re a stalker.

5) strongly consider video recording of sexual encounters, even surreptitiously

I don’t know about where you live, but in the jurisdiction where I reside this is a felony.  So even if you get off of the rape charge they have an entirely new felony with which to charge you.

6) Keep and save all text, photographic, and video evidence of sexual encounters

See 5 above.  Also, once again, under the rules we’re looking at a third party can decide the sex is non-consensual even if both parties agree it was consensual.  The third party here being a campus Title IX administrator with an axe to grind.

7) Threaten to sue, and follow through with suing, anyone who falsely accuses you of any kind of sexual misconduct

A mixed bag.  Worked in Colorado, was a non-starter in California.  Depends on where you live.  If Biden wins in November the whole country will be the California doctrine.

8) document thoroughly all interactions with women at work

We’ll talk about Brett Kavanaugh later.  None of the three men we’ve looked at so far ever had any interaction whatsoever with their accusers.

9) do not date or have sex with women you attend school with or have any kind of professional relationship with at all

The Nebraska football coach didn’t even live in the same state as his accuser.  Also, Brett Kavanaugh.

Each of Deti’s points is spot on from a common sense perspective, and each has been floated and recommended by numerous bloggers/writers.  What I’m suggesting is that following these recommendations would have provided no protection to any of the men I’ve written about to date.





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Consolidating Power

During the Xi TB outbreak in New York, which geocentric New Yawkers then spread across the rest of the country, Mayor DeBlasio took the unusual, if not unprecedented, action of telling Christians and Jews that he would permanently shut down any churches or synagogues which continued to meet despite his orders to the contrary.

Following that action, DeBlasio then issued a proclamation forbidding that anyone protest his orders concerning the Xi TB outbreak, and threatened that anyone caught protesting his orders would be subject to arrest and incarceration.

Several churches in states under indefinite house arrest went to court to plead not for special treatment, but rather only that they not be singled out to be shut down while certain favored businesses were allowed to remain open.  In a ruling that stunned even many on the left, Chief Justice Judas Iscariot Roberts stripped all First Amendment protections from churches during the Xi TB outbreak, granting full dictatorial powers to local governors and mayors who have decided to end public religious worship services.

Nevada has maintained a lockdown on churches while allowing restaurants and other stores to open; the Justice Department sided with churches against this plan, but Judas Iscariot Robert’s latest betrayal put the kibosh on A.G. Barr being able to take action on the matter.

And although churches attendance and protest against DeBlasio’s Xi TB policies are still prohibited in NYC, DeBlasio has endorsed rioters and looters pillaging businesses of all sorts, while attacking police officers and private citizens alike with apparent impunity.  Then, of course, we discover that DeBlasio’s own daughter is part of the invading force, and when she is finally arrested he expresses his “pride” in her actions and lends her his full support.  One supposes she must inherit that privilege from her father’s side.

So what is going on here?  It is, quite simply, a consolidation of power by the left.  States and cities under leftist control are burning not because their rulers are indifferent, but because their rulers actively encourage the looters and provide them protection.  Over and over we see violent looters rioting and beating law abiding citizens, rarely do we see law abiding citizens fight back.  Why is this?  The reason is quite simple… Any individual looter in a “blue” ruled area may rest assured that however violently he acts, there is little chance of any legal consequence of any type.  On the off chance that he is arrested, Democratic Presidential Candidate Biden will see to his quick release.  If, however, a blue state citizen uses a weapon to defend himself or his property, he knows good and well he can expect the same police who stand by and let his city burn will swoop in to arrest him, and he can expect to lose everything he owns and spend considerable time in prison.  There are exceptions, say in Nebraska perhaps, but Heaven help you if you shoot a poor innocent “protestor” in Minneapolis or NYC.

The left hates Christians, business owners, and gun owners… because all three groups recognize a higher power than the local tin horn dictator.  The left hates the family as well, for the same reason.  What is going on now is a loosely organized attempt to do away with those the left hates in areas where the left currently rules.  It is a consolidation of power in those areas before the 2020 elections.  And if Biden does win the Presidency, we can expect to see this consolidation of power, already blessed by Judas Iscariot Roberts, go nationwide.



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