In Defense of Privilege, Part 3

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The fisking will continue until morale improves!

And now, for tonight’s episode: More examples of “privilege” and why it’s a good thing!

From the trainer’s list, continued:

11: If you can legally marry the person you love, regardless of where you live, take one step forward.

Well, I guess I can stay right where I am. Regardless of whom I love, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to get legally married if I live in North Korea. Or probably Saudi Arabia, but I’m not sure. Well, I’m a Christian, so if I fall in love with a nice Bedouin girl in Saudi Arabia and try to marry her I’m pretty sure they’ll do terrible things to me. But of course, that’s not what we’re really talking about here, is it? No, we’re back to the alphabet people. Only 11 items in, and already 2 are about the alphabet people and who they can hook up with. But quick note again, Psycho Susie is still happy to stay in back as long as no one knows about her 6th grade boyfriend. Not the boyfriend she had in 6th grade, the 6th grader she’s with right now. She DEFINITELY can’t marry him. You just know the alphabet people are going to add that P to the list any day now. Oh, and of course, if you are happily married to a member of the opposite sex of an appropriate age, you are oppressing all these poor alphabeteers and if you deny it that’s violence.

12. If you were born in the USA, take one step forward.

Okay, straight up Bizarro world Calvinism. Stepping forward means you have privilege. Privilege is evil. If you have privilege you are by default oppressing everyone else. And how can you help where you were born? Oh, and if you’re an “undocumented migrant,” you don’t have to feel guilty about breaking the law, it’s all those filthy gringos who should feel guilty for making you hike across the desert to take all their stuff. And what about France? Do the French really feel like I’m automatically better than them because I was born here and they were born there? I mean, if they do I could completely understand it since they eat frogs and snails and whatnot, but still….

13. If your parents have ever gone through a divorce, take one step back.

Alright, kids whose parents divorce really do get the shaft. But do we have to call them up in public and make them do the privilege two-step so everyone knows all about it? But make a note of this…. under this theory, having two married parents in a supportive home is a “privilege”, not a right, for children. Does that seem especially pernicious, or is it just me?

14. If you felt like you had adequate access to healthy food growing up, take one step forward.

We live in a country where the number one current dietary problem is massive obesity. I know that there are a few kids out there in the U.S. today without enough to eat, but one, they’re few and far between and two, for a kid to really be going hungry in this country someone has to be making that happen on purpose. If you have hungry kids there are a plethora of churches, private social organizations, food banks, etc. that will fight to be first in line to give them good food. So again, for children to have two parents in a stable, supportive home with food, shelter and clothing, is a “privilege.” Remember, the people pushing this are big government all the way. They define what your “privilege” is, and can’t help reminding you that neither you nor your children have any right to it, and that you are oppressing others by having it. Which, next step, means someone is probably planning to take it away from you.

15. If you are reasonably sure you would be hired for a job based on your ability and qualifications, take one step forward.

Every straight, white, Christian man present gets to take ten giant leaps backward. Affirmative action anyone? Federal law that dictates quotas as to who must be hired? You know who should really be taking ten giant leaps forward on this one, don’t you? Yeah you do. And you also know that instead they’re going to take a giant step backward and smirk, and snarl at anyone who gives them side eye about it. You know it’ll happen.

16. If you would never think twice about calling the police when trouble occurs, take one step forward.

Okay, obligatory BLM moment here…. Except, you know who calls police the most, more than any other group? Those who self-identify as being of “two or more races”:

And you know who makes the most NON-EMERGENY calls requesting the police come out? Blacks, that’s who, same source as above. Now how many black or bi-racial colleagues are going to publicly step forward on this question and own it?

17. If you can see a doctor whenever you feel the need, take one step forward.

Literally everyone. Claiming you cannot is pure hogwash. Every public ER in the country is required to treat you if you need it. A big part of our “undocumented migrant” problem is people wanting to get over here so the can see a doctor whenever they need to, or whenever their children need to. The Children’s Hospital up the road from me has 24/7/365 emergency care, with clinics for every specialty imaginable, and their still longstanding ethic? No child turned away, ever, regardless of ability to pay. Once again, people lying about how bad they have it to try and make themselves feel better and paint you as an oppressive brute. This cannot end well.

18. If you feel comfortable being emotionally expressive/open, take one step forward.

Does pointing at any of the men who step forward and laughing count as being expressive and open? But seriously, do you think Emotional Amy who is constantly weeping to the whole place any time one of her 43 cats gets sick is going to step forward? Noooooo, that would be admitting privilege. So Amy and here sweater full of cat hair is going to stay back in line with you, and glare at you for not stepping forward, since you’re a man and all men are privileged, so obviously you’re okay with expressing yourself openly. Except really, Amy, I’m not, because if I expressed myself openly to this nut job running this display I’d be unemployed and lucky if that’s all. Believe me Amy, I am NOT openly expressing how I feel about this.

Okay, I guess that’s enough for now. Lots more to go. Seriously, I had to sit through this entire thing to land a contract. 34 items. We’re only just over half way done. And people wonder why I have that twitch.

See you next time, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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  1. What was the ultimate goal of the seminar? Was there one?

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