In Defense of Privilege, Part 4

I am still not sure how I made it through this seminar alive. Please believe me, each and every item I am fisking here was a bullet point of the lecture my colleagues and I had to endure while doing the line dance of privilege.

19. If you have ever been the only person of your race/gender/socio-economic status/sexual orientation in a classroom or workplace setting, take one step back.

Okay, this one is so broad that everyone gets to take a step back. Maybe the presenter felt like throwing a bone to us poor blue eyed devils so we don’t just storm out? Same problem as before, EVERYTHING is something to be upset about. EVERYTHING is a microaggression. EVERYTHING is a grievance. I suppose if you’re running a grievance industry (looking at you HR and legal) then this sort of ginning up existential angst over being the only whatever I am in the room at the moment should keep you in business for a long time.

20. If you took out loans for your education, take one step backward.

So if you paid for your education with the G.I. bill you’re full of dirty privilege, and you’re oppressing me by not being as deeply indebted as I am. Okay, the student loan industry is a giant scam to hoover up the middle class’s income, no doubt, but let’s at least be realistic about people who found other ways to finance higher education are not somehow oppressing us if we took out student loans.

21. If you get time off for your religious holidays, take one step forward.

Now who could this be aimed at? Nice roundabout way of saying “Christian privilege” there isn’t it? So if you’re a Christian, you have privilege, and that’s to the detriment of other religions, not to mention atheists, who are also religious, they just tend to worship big government. Well you know what? I’m going to own this one. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Light, and no man is going to get to the Father except through Him. I have the great privilege of knowing He died for the sins of the world, which happens to include me. That’s not to anyone’s detriment, however. You only have a detriment if you reject Him and remain in your sin. But that’s totally on you.

22. If you had a job during your high school and college years, take a step back.

How is this a detriment? Being able to get a job and make a few extra bucks spending money, plus learning some skills and work ethic, is a huge bonus, not a detriment. These people actually view doing some honest work as proof of oppression. Says a lot right there.

23. If you feel comfortable walking home alone at night, take one step forward.

Well, yeah, duh. Because I’ve got a Surefire tactical light, my Ruger lcr, a Bubba stick walking cane and a tactical folder. Maybe some pepper spray too if I remembered it. Preparation is the key to comfort. Women should not walk home alone at night. If they insist on it, because “I’m a strong, independent woman and I can take care of myself” then that’s not my privilege getting you in trouble, it’s your own stupidity. Believing in privilege on this one can get you killed.

24. If you have ever traveled outside of the United States, take one step forward.

Okay, you know who should step forward on this one? All those folks who don’t have English as a first language. How many of them do you think are going to step forward and embrace their “privilege.” That’s right, zero, zip, NADA. Because even if the shoe fits, it only fits on a white foot.

Okay, enough for now.

Here’s hoping y’all have don’t get shot in the back privilege:

No WNBA privilege in Russia…

No hot fry privileges in NYC…


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  1. What is the bottom line purpose of these “privilege” seminars? What do they hope to accomplish?

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