Ignorance is Their Strength

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Hosea 4, KJV

From 1872 until 2019, if you were an able-bodied adult in the state of California and observed a law-enforcement officer trying to effect an arrest, and if that officer requested your assistance, you were bound by state law to offer whatever assistance you were able to give. Failure to do so was a misdemeanor crime.

As BLM and Antifa gained power through violent riots following any questionable police shooting, as well as many which were unquestionably justified, leftists politicians looked to hitch their wagon to what they saw as a rising star. I have often heard that politicians, especially Democrats, give in to BLM and Antifa because they are spineless; I believe, however, that what is more often the case is that these politicians find cover behind rioters to enact policies they already favored but were unable to push forward.

In 2019 the California state legislature repealed the state’s posse comitatus act, and Governor Newsom signed the repeal. You can now feel free to ignore a law enforcement officer in distress in California without fear of legal repercussions. This is especially distressing today, for as anyone who pays attention is well aware, aiding law enforcement in stopping a criminal might well lead to civil and criminal actions against you for assisting the officer. Police officers receive qualified immunity while making arrests, but insofar as I am aware such protection is afforded a non-leo who lends assistance to the police.

Now what is especially galling is the justification for repealing the act given by California Democrats; I will include examples from California State Senator Bob Hertzberg, whose written statements defined the reasoning for his party’s actions. Herzberg stated, “The posse comitatus was adopted by local jurisdictions in America’s earliest days; officials invoked posse comitatus in the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which said that civilians could be recruited to capture people who were trying to escape from slavery. In a more sinister example, many posses that formed became lynch mobs rather than legitimate law enforcement assistance.

Now, to take this statement seriously, one must have a colossal level of ignorance of both U.S. history and California state history. First of all, California was a free state and stood with the union during the Civil War. Slavery was never legal in California after it became a part of the United States. Now, although it was illegal, it was at times practiced, just as it continues to be practiced today in the illegal human trafficking system aided and abetted by the Democratic party, which remains true to form. Nevertheless, NOT ONE SINGLE SLAVE was ever arrested under the posse comitatus act. NONE. NADA. ZERO.

And how do I know this? The posse comitatus act in California was passed in 1872. Things that preceded the passage of this act include:

  1. The Emancipation Proclamation
  2. The End of the Civil War
  3. The 13th Amendment
  4. The 14th Amendment
  5. The 15th Amendment

I could go on, but is there really any need?

The Democrats, in typical fashion, used race-baiting language and ridiculously spurious allegations to push for a widening of the divide between local law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. To give any credence to their argumentation, one must be completely ignorant of history. Fortunately for the Democrats, and not so much for the rest of us, ignorance of history is virtually guaranteed amongst generations “educated” by public schools, and is even more prevalent amongst recent immigrants who are being lined up to vote, regardless of legal status. This ignorance will lead to a furthering of the violent crime problem sweeping our country; until we remember the ways of our ancestors we will not find the will to defeat the Vandals amongst us.

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3 responses to “Ignorance is Their Strength

  1. You are expect a lot of you expect a rational argument from California Democrats

  2. professorGBFMtm

    I like at least 3 Californians, two are concurrent ones GUNNERQ&SNAPPERTRX and the other is a former Californian. our old bro RAY!

  3. How did we get here?

    Has anyone noticed that the most wacky woke beliefs and policies always come from sectors that have become dominated by women (with able assistance by males who are deeply in touch with their feminine side)? Over 50% of medical school students have been female for many years, and now the medical profession is not only nuts over supposed medical racism, but was also crazy in reacting to Covid. The teaching profession and education schools have been dominated by women for decades, and look at all the crazy Leftist indoctrination that children receive from these crazy mostly female teachers. The craziest and most woke departments/disciplines in every university are dominated by females including victim study programs. The HR departments of most corporations are where the craziest woke policies get pushed, and HR is about 70% female. Similarly, NGOs also originate or push the craziest woke beliefs and policies, and they are also dominated by females. And of course the Democrat party (and Leftist parties in other parts of the world) is home to all the craziest and most stupid policies, and pretty much exclusively panders to females who are their dominant voter base and hold key leadership positions.

    Research finds that women are more risk adverse, neurotic, envious, and critical than men, and female hormonal cycles can exacerbate these tendencies. Women also tend to be weaker in math and spatial reasoning, which may explain why so few enter technically oriented STEM fields, and why so many Leftist policies seem to be based on weak math and statistical analysis that mean they never work as promised when implemented. Perhaps as a result, women are also much more willing to give up economic and political freedoms in order to secure “fairness” than men. Marriage and parenthood tend to be stabilizing forces for women (and men), and married women tend to be much closer to men in their mostly sane economic and political viewpoints than they are to single/childless females who are vastly over-represented among the crazy/woke. Sadly, feminism/Leftism have indoctrinated more and more women to avoid “patriarchal” marriage and the “burdens” of motherhood and instead concentrate on careers where they can ruin formerly respectable fields with their toxic wokeness, and which may be both a cause and effect of so many women now suffering from various mental illnesses.

    [ Very interesting ]

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