Aspiring Rapper Death Rate

If you peruse the news with regular views you’re sure to find that many a young man gunned down in his prime will be described by kith and kin as a “rapper” or an “aspiring rapper.” Now it comes as no news whatsoever that the modern rap lyricist is primarily concerned with drugs and prostitution, although not always in that order. The aspiring and otherwise who meet untimely ends are most commonly those in pursuit of gain through recreational pharmaceuticals, and while the death rate for this particular job might seem daunting to most, the beat must go on. Why is it, though, that so many young men, especially young Black men, aspire to be rappers?

At one time I took a contract to teach courses at a local junior college with multiple campuses; the particular campus I was assigned was known as JC “X” “In the Hood.” Most of the students were there at the behest of their parole officers, and according to the students, nearly all were on probation for drug offenses, although one never really knows for sure. At any rate, these young Black men on parole for drug offenses had a nearly singular obsession for a career…. They all wanted to be “music producers.” Knowing something of music myself, I inquired as to their musical education and talents. To a man they had none whatsoever. Not a single aspiring “music producer” in the lot could tell a treble cleft from a bass note or had the slightest idea what a scale is. None had ever played a musical instrument of any sort, either in school or out. The overwhelming majority were barely aware of the existence of something called “sheet music.” In short, they knew nothing whatsoever about the product they purported to aspire to produce, yet all were fully confident of their ability to be “music producers.”

While this may seem amusing, you will find that if you take the time to listen to contemporary rap music, their goals are not so ludicrous as they seem. Rappers rely mostly on “sampling” for the music in their compositions, which simply means they rip off a genuine musician and place his music in front of their lyrics. Now unless you think this is a racist observation (should you care about such things) the most notorious example of this in rap history is Vanilla Ice, who is even whiter than his name would suggest, heist of the work of Queen and David Bowie, who were also white. Apparently white on white crime is a thing in the rap community.

“Mumble rap” is currently a big thing, with the artist in question mumbling “lyrics” into a microphone, which may or may not be intelligible, then having his slurred syllables heavily synthesized. Now how, exactly, can you make money off of that? It requires no real talent, anyone with an i-phone and a laptop can “produce” it, and it is ridiculously generic…. anyone can do it. How do you make millions doing something anyone can do?

Quick answer? You can’t, and they don’t. Yes, millions of dollars come in, often to “artists” who appeared overnight and offer nothing different than tens of thousands of others putting their material onto various websites available for free. So where does the money come from?

Well, here’s what you need to know about rap studios… They are often connected with organized gangs. The Gangster Disciples, Bloods, Crips, Vice Lords, etc. all have a variety of rap “artists” who claim affiliation with they gang. The primary monetary income of all these gangs is, unsurprisingly, drugs. Now, if you were an enterprising young drug lord, and wanted to find a way to launder your profits through a legitimate business, what would you choose?

What I’m saying is that there are millions (billions?) of dollars of music purchases every year that are not real consumers. The purchases are made by the same gangs running the studios, using third parties to buy music with money from drug sales. The rap music industry is currently one of the greatest, if not greatest, instruments of money laundering for drug gangs in the United States.

Now, if you care to know, the DOJ maintains a website for gang information. Until recently this website updated daily with information on gang activity on a state-by-state level that allowed the public to keep tabs on gangs in their area to some degree. However, on 11/23/20 the DOJ stopped these updates. I am not sure what happened in November of 2020 to lead the DOJ to decide to keep the public in the dark about gang activity; if you can think of what it possibly could have been, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

More later.

One wonders what Darwin would make of our rapper/drug culture….

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  1. Black Rapper; the deadliest of occupations.

  2. Maniac

    Religion of Pieces is more like it. Sales of the book have skyrocketed since the incident.

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