Election Night Part 1

Watching the NYT website, with 94% in Rubio (FL Senate) leads 57.6-41.3, a margin of 16.3. Why does this matter? U.S. pollsters had ranked this race as tight; the Real Clear Politics average had the spread at Rubio up 8.8. Specifically, the local “right wing” (as if) Fox affiliate polled the race at Rubio up 6, with a margin of error of 4.2 just before the election. Now my math says 16.3-6 is 10.3, which is more than double 4.2, which causes me to doubt the scientific validity of this poll, and also causes me to wonder why a news agency would publish such easily illustrated “fake news.” One might even get the idea that media outlets were trying to suppress the enthusiasm of the non-leftists voters in Florida (and other states). BTW, the remaining votes to be counted are primarily in the Florida panhandle, which is heavily Republican, so it’s almost certain Rubio’s final victory will be by an even larger margin.

In the same vein, Desantis (FL Gov) is up 59.3-40 over his Democratic rival with 88% reporting, a margin of 19.3. The RCP average on this race was 12.2 for Desantis, Fox had Desantis up 10 with an MOE of 4.2. Once again, 19.3-10 is 9.3, more than double 4.2. Certainly seems as if someone is trying to make the story rather than report the story.

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  1. professorGBFMtm

    I still think the unforgettable HEARTISTE+GB4M(with the FB-inspired ”lolzlolz u can believe in” slogan)presidential campaign in 2012 was the world’s last chance for responsible, respectable& reliable governance!

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