Getting Ready for Round 2

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9, KJV

The Biden administration is running off the rails, much to no ones surprise. Authoritarians being who and what they are, President Biden, and whatever members of his administration remain loyal to him, are almost certainly looking for ways to distract the American people and to preserve their hold on power. That being said, just what might President Biden and his cronies/handlers choose to do to retain their grip on power?

The most obvious answer is that they will use the same tools and methods by which they initially seized the reins of power. Currently there is word of a new Covid variant circulating in China, with untold misery and death in its wake. Seems like we’ve heard that one before, doesn’t it? Last time around, the arrival of the Xi TB occasioned the suspension of civil liberties, and, in many key states, universal vote by mail; a system naturally rife with fraud which allowed Biden to come to power.

Now the one thing all authoritarians want, and totalitarians even more so, is a means to “legitimately” strip the populace of their rights; and for leftists the most important rights to destroy entail man’s relationship to God. Our founders, in their wisdom, chose to enshrine an absolute freedom of religion in our Constitution, without exception. Yet in the wake of the Xi TB such dictators as Newsome of California, the governors of Nevada and Michigan, and the refugee from Innsmouth currently presiding as mayor of Chicago, all prohibited Christians (and others) from gathering together to worship God. Our most basic and precious liberty was held to be secondary to the threat of the Hunan Head Cold.

With a new round of Covid sure to be showing up soon (for the 666th time), Biden and the CDC will doubtlessly declare a new emergency (although we’re still under the same emergency order we have been all along). Expect to be told, once again, that we are under lock down, for our own good. Antifa and Black Lives Matter will, of course, continue to enjoy their exemptions from this rule, and doubtless family friendly drag shows will be allowable even if Sunday school is not.

So, as Christians first, and patriots second, what should we do? Many the glowie is out there telling you to take up arms, prepare to do battle with the FBI, and water the tree of liberty, etc. The President himself seems to be egging this on with his statements about AR 15s and F-15s, although that might not be especially wise since as far as can be determined the Taliban had no F-15s and we all know how that turned out. So no, I am not telling you to grab a rifle (or any other physical weapon) and prepare to get yourself shot to pieces attacking a federal building. That’s stupid, useless and wrong.

Do you really want to resist? Then make sure you do what 99.99% of professed believers did not do last time. Show up for worship on Sunday. Sing hymns, even if the government forbids it (singing songs, hymns and spiritual songs is, of course, directly commanded in Scripture and that far outweighs anything the government has to say about it). Gather together on Sunday, pray, and take holy communion. Refuse to be refused on this. Be prepared to go to jail for this.

Bump stocks and pistol braces are not your tickets to freedom. A Bible, a hymnal and however many fellow Christians to can rally to join you in praise and prayer are far mightier weapons against tyranny than AR-15s and F-15s and even B-61 nukes. The tyrants’ greatest fear is a mass of Christians across the nation refusing to abandon the assembly of the saints, refusing to have their singing silenced, refusing to forego communion. Make their fear a reality.

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3 responses to “Getting Ready for Round 2

  1. Okrahead,
    Yes, psy-ops abound.

    There is an error in the link.


    Stay tuned. More on this is to come.

  2. “Currently there is word of a new Covid variant circulating in China, with untold misery and death in its wake. Seems like we’ve heard that one before, doesn’t it? Last time around, the arrival of the Xi TB occasioned the suspension of civil liberties…”

    Literally the Xi TB this time. Populist revolt finally forced the end of China’s Zero Covid policy, so now the Party is adopting the mRNA injections as quickly as possible. Didn’t they notice that the vexx damaged peoples’ immune systems in the West?

    Or is that their actual motivation? because they need to manufacture Covid outbreaks in order to save face? My understanding is that saving face is a very big thing in Asian cultures… but intentionally spreading disease via forced injections upon a billion people, because the alternative is simply admitting you were wrong, beggars belief.

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