Alvin Braggs Endgame, DeSantis Wild Card

Alvin Braggs, Soros’ pet prosecutor currently serving as a worm in the Big Apple, seems to be gearing up to arrest President Donald Trump on charges that are beyond trumped up. The main charge is a misdemeanor allegedly committed no later than 2016, well outside New York’s two year statute of limitations for misdemeanors; Braggs plan to elevate it to a class E felony is to tie it to a federal crime that federal prosecutors have already examined and found to be non-existent. As a state level prosecutor Braggs has no authority to levy the charge much less prosecute it in a state court, yet he has NYPD out in force apparently preparing to bring President 45 in with a hand-cuffed perp-walk.

What is Braggs’ endgame? Is it simply to get a perp walk on camera and then let DJT go? That would be the sheerest lunacy, but hey, he’s a Soros prosecutor, so that’s still a possibility. Does he think he can get a conviction on a charge he’s not authorized to even pursue? Well, it’s a blue state blue city court, so that’s not out of the question. Perhaps he believes he can truly get the conviction and judges fearing for their own safety from Antifa/BLM will not intervene. That’s something one could imagine happening today.

Worse? Braggs real plan is to arrest President Trump, and request that he be held without bail (despite NY’s new no bail cash law) due to DJT’s “danger to the people” and his tweet telling his supporters to protest his arrest. One could see that happening with a left wing NYC judge, undoubtedly hand-picked by Braggs for just such a purpose. At that point President Trump is escorted to Riker’s Island. I’ve heard multiple commentators talk about how this would guarantee Trump’s re-election in ’24, but I think they’re missing the point. If DJT is incarcerated on Riker’s, do you think Braggs and the rest of his cabal intend for Trump to ever walk out again, under any circumstances?

In short, this is a plot to assassinate DJT. Literal assassination, not character or political. Braggs means to kill the President.

How is DeSantis the wild card? Many Republican leaders have issued strongly worded statements on the depravity of Alvin Braggs over the last 48 hours, which is all well and good, and accomplishes just as much as all the other strongly worded statements they are always issuing. DeSantis has not, and has for this been roundly criticized. Yet, unlike the other leaders who have spoken, DeSantis is in a position to shut this whole thing down. Braggs is a state level prosecutor; he cannot arrest DJT in Florida without extradition. DeSantis can, and must, say no if it comes to that.

DeSantis is now in the speak softly/carry a big stick phase of the game. He has spoken softly, will he use the big stick of his power as Governor of Florida to shut Braggs down? One suspects many, many lives may hang in the balance.

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  1. Trump should consider divesting himself completely of New York. There’s nothing but trouble there for anyone who isn’t a rabid Marxist.

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