Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Calls for Murder of Christian Children

“Okrahead!” you may scream, “that’s not really what happened! You can’t say that!”

Well, yes it is, and yes I can. Follow along.

As everyone now knows, on Monday a female terrorist of the transgender suicide cult attacked a small Christian school in Nashville, TN, killing three nine year old children and three staff members before she was in turn killed by responding police officers. The Nashville PD has the murderess’ manifesto, but for all too likely reasons has not yet released its contents. Be that as it may, the shooter left enough of a social media trail to know why she did what she did. She hated Christians, she hated normal people and she hated that school for not “affirming” her in her mental illness.

Hours after the killing… several hours… Josselyn Berry put out a tweet with a picture of a woman holding a revolver in each hand, apparently pointed at an unseen adversary, with the caption, “Us when we see transphobes.” As with all communications, to be fully understood it must be understood in context. Let’s talk about the context here…

  1. Berry was already aware of the Nashville school shooting, and the murder of children, by a woman who thought she was a man. Berry is a press professional plugged in to mass communications working in government; by the time her tweet went out this was already becoming “old news” in the mainstream media.
  2. Since Berry was already aware of the nature of the Nashville shooter as well as the religious identity of her victims, it is impossible to understand her tweet as anything other than a celebration of the murdered children in Nashville and an exhortation for other trans terrorists to carry out similar attacks.

Please understand what I am saying here…. Berry was indicating she was aware of the attack, the nature of the attack and was celebrating the attack and calling for more of the same.

Okay, but how does this implicate Hobbs?

Berry was Hobbs’ press secretary, a carefully vetted position responsible for communicating the governor’s issues stances and public statements. Hobbs herself chose Berry to put out her “public face.” Here is a lesson in leadership…. if you make someone your spokesperson, and give her a microphone, you are responsible for what she says. Hobbs can try and back pedal from this all she wants, but she’s the CEO of a state and she chose this woman as her spokesperson. It’s her responsibility.

Also consider that even when Hobbs did finally put out a statement, she simply said Berry resigned, not that she was fired. Not firing Berry, and allowing her to resign demonstrates Hobbs’ continuing sympathy for Berry and the message she put forward in the governor’s name. Hobbs owns this every which way.

This is what we’ve come to… the Democratic Governor of a U.S. State cheering a terrorist murdering third-graders and calling for an encore. This is what we have to face is our new reality. Refusing to acknowledge it will not make it go away.

Crazy people…


Gather no foot….

Crocogators to blame….





Money morality…



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3 responses to “Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Calls for Murder of Christian Children

  1. So are you sure that you used the correct pronouns?

  2. The title should really read “Arizona’s Anti-Governor Katie Hobbs …”

    The bitch is no more legitimately governor of my state than Joe Biden is legitimately President of the United States or Jorge Bergoglio is legitimately pope of the Catholic Church.

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