In 1965 the Black illegitimacy rate was 25%…
By 2017 the Black illegitimacy rate had risen to 77%….
In 1965 there were fewer than 400 murders in Chicago, although that was still on steep curve up from the 1950s. In 2016 there were 808 murders in Chicago….
On Fathers’ Day weekend 2020 there were at least 14 homicides in Chicago and over 100 shot (111 by the best estimate). None of those 111 was shot by a police officer. At least five of those homicides were minors, one as young as 3. This is the apocalypse, and its own victims blame the only ones who can help them and embrace their oppressors.

This year the Chicago PD has shot and killed a total of three individuals; four others have been wounded in police involved shootings.  By contrast, there have been 1294 shootings in Chicago this year and 305 homicides (the police shootings are included in those numbers, please note that homicide is not synonymous with “murder” in this case; it appears all police shootings this year in Chicago have been justified, and those guys are really under a microscope right now.)  Thus police shootings account for 0.98% of Chicago homicides and police shootings account for 0.54% of all shootings.  That’s less than one percent and just barely more than half a percent for each, respectively.

Blacks make up approximately 75 % of the victims in these homicides; it is difficult to give exact numbers on who actually does the shootings as in most cases the assailant goes unidentified by the neighbors/witnesses; that being case, however, it appears that Blacks also account for almost all of the shootings of Blacks.  That gives us around 228 Blacks killed this year in Chicago; 225 shot by non-whites (there may be some Hispanic shootings of Blacks in this total as part of an ongoing gang war) and three shot and killed in gunfights with the Chicago PD.

The gist of all of this is that as our society has embraced fatherlessness we have seen an exponential rise in violence.  This is no accident; the destruction of the Black family was the canary in the coal mine.  Hispanics and Whites are walking down the same path with the dissolution of the family and can expect the same results.

Of course, this is what Black America has willingly embraced, as Black Lives (don’t) Matter has as one of their core beliefs the “disruption” of the nuclear family, as if that hasn’t already happened.


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Deti’s Suggestions

A little over a week ago Deti gave a list of suggestions concerning the Pence Principal series I’ve been working on.  I’ve given it some time for thought, and will now try to break down and address his suggestions one by one….

Sure. Other measures:
1) Thorough vetting and screening of women through all legal means, including professional law enforcement grade background checks.

Okay, you can do this with a woman you want to start a relationship with…. but that would not have helped any of the men we’ve looked at so far.  The Nebraska football coach faced accusations from a woman he had never met, and the two football players in question faced accusations from uninvolved third parties, and were “convicted” even though their respective girlfriends denied that there had ever been any abuse of any type.

2) contemporaneous documentation of all encounters.

Under the Title IX rules that were in place this is generally inadmissible; if Biden wins in November it will become inadmissible once again.

3) the “morning after” text exchange in which you extract statements from the woman that she “had a great time” and “would love to do it again soon”

See 1 and 2 above.  A third party can decide the sex was non-consensual even if your girlfriend/fiancé/wife says she gave her full consent.

4) keep and save all photos of women with which you have sexual encounters

Okay, that’s great.  It will probably just be used to prove you’re a stalker.

5) strongly consider video recording of sexual encounters, even surreptitiously

I don’t know about where you live, but in the jurisdiction where I reside this is a felony.  So even if you get off of the rape charge they have an entirely new felony with which to charge you.

6) Keep and save all text, photographic, and video evidence of sexual encounters

See 5 above.  Also, once again, under the rules we’re looking at a third party can decide the sex is non-consensual even if both parties agree it was consensual.  The third party here being a campus Title IX administrator with an axe to grind.

7) Threaten to sue, and follow through with suing, anyone who falsely accuses you of any kind of sexual misconduct

A mixed bag.  Worked in Colorado, was a non-starter in California.  Depends on where you live.  If Biden wins in November the whole country will be the California doctrine.

8) document thoroughly all interactions with women at work

We’ll talk about Brett Kavanaugh later.  None of the three men we’ve looked at so far ever had any interaction whatsoever with their accusers.

9) do not date or have sex with women you attend school with or have any kind of professional relationship with at all

The Nebraska football coach didn’t even live in the same state as his accuser.  Also, Brett Kavanaugh.

Each of Deti’s points is spot on from a common sense perspective, and each has been floated and recommended by numerous bloggers/writers.  What I’m suggesting is that following these recommendations would have provided no protection to any of the men I’ve written about to date.





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Consolidating Power

During the Xi TB outbreak in New York, which geocentric New Yawkers then spread across the rest of the country, Mayor DeBlasio took the unusual, if not unprecedented, action of telling Christians and Jews that he would permanently shut down any churches or synagogues which continued to meet despite his orders to the contrary.

Following that action, DeBlasio then issued a proclamation forbidding that anyone protest his orders concerning the Xi TB outbreak, and threatened that anyone caught protesting his orders would be subject to arrest and incarceration.

Several churches in states under indefinite house arrest went to court to plead not for special treatment, but rather only that they not be singled out to be shut down while certain favored businesses were allowed to remain open.  In a ruling that stunned even many on the left, Chief Justice Judas Iscariot Roberts stripped all First Amendment protections from churches during the Xi TB outbreak, granting full dictatorial powers to local governors and mayors who have decided to end public religious worship services.

Nevada has maintained a lockdown on churches while allowing restaurants and other stores to open; the Justice Department sided with churches against this plan, but Judas Iscariot Robert’s latest betrayal put the kibosh on A.G. Barr being able to take action on the matter.

And although churches attendance and protest against DeBlasio’s Xi TB policies are still prohibited in NYC, DeBlasio has endorsed rioters and looters pillaging businesses of all sorts, while attacking police officers and private citizens alike with apparent impunity.  Then, of course, we discover that DeBlasio’s own daughter is part of the invading force, and when she is finally arrested he expresses his “pride” in her actions and lends her his full support.  One supposes she must inherit that privilege from her father’s side.

So what is going on here?  It is, quite simply, a consolidation of power by the left.  States and cities under leftist control are burning not because their rulers are indifferent, but because their rulers actively encourage the looters and provide them protection.  Over and over we see violent looters rioting and beating law abiding citizens, rarely do we see law abiding citizens fight back.  Why is this?  The reason is quite simple… Any individual looter in a “blue” ruled area may rest assured that however violently he acts, there is little chance of any legal consequence of any type.  On the off chance that he is arrested, Democratic Presidential Candidate Biden will see to his quick release.  If, however, a blue state citizen uses a weapon to defend himself or his property, he knows good and well he can expect the same police who stand by and let his city burn will swoop in to arrest him, and he can expect to lose everything he owns and spend considerable time in prison.  There are exceptions, say in Nebraska perhaps, but Heaven help you if you shoot a poor innocent “protestor” in Minneapolis or NYC.

The left hates Christians, business owners, and gun owners… because all three groups recognize a higher power than the local tin horn dictator.  The left hates the family as well, for the same reason.  What is going on now is a loosely organized attempt to do away with those the left hates in areas where the left currently rules.  It is a consolidation of power in those areas before the 2020 elections.  And if Biden does win the Presidency, we can expect to see this consolidation of power, already blessed by Judas Iscariot Roberts, go nationwide.



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Red Flags Over Florida

It’s old news now, but on December 6, 2019, a Saudi airman in the United States for combat training opened fire on the U.S. personnel at the base where he was training, killing three and wounding several others.

Now, perhaps it’s just me, but I really wonder about our continued practice of bringing Saudi citizens to the U.S. for flight training, since there have been more than a few hiccups as a result.  Perhaps we should be grateful that this incident had only limited damage, since the pilot in question carried out his attack with a pistol rather than waiting until he was ensconced in the cockpit of an f-15, which might have been a bit more dangerous.  The practicality of training jihadis to pilot fighter jets aside, there are some interesting questions that arise from this shooting yet to be addressed.

U.S. “intelligence” in the F.B.I. was able to take enough time off from trying to overthrow the current president to determine that the pilot in question had been committed to Al Qaeda for at least five years.  Considering Al Qaeda pilots’ history with jet aircraft in U.S. airspace, and the prevalence of such individuals to be Saudi citizens, one would think that the feebs would be more diligent about checking these things out before shootings, but I suppose General Flynn presents a graver danger to U.S. security, and there are only so many wiretaps to go around.

Nevertheless, it’s also come out that the airman in question had already expressed his support for Al Qaeda to numerous of his fellows, who have been questioned but apparently not detained.  Once again, we must assume that with our limited feeb assault teams being unavoidably preoccupied with heading off the Roger Stone apocalypse there are simply not enough resources to do anything about this, still….

In 2018, Florida passed a “red flag” law, which allows courts and law enforcement to suspend citizens’ Constitutional rights in the absence of a criminal conviction.  Under this law an “ex parte” hearing with a sworn statement from a law enforcement officer (paging Peter Strozk, paging Lisa page) is sufficient for a judge to issue an order allowing a search and seizure operation of a citizen’s home.  At a later date, after his property has been confiscated, the citizen in question may appeal, although he must provide his own attorney if he wishes representation.  In Florida the police serve about five such orders per day, or about 1825 per year.

So, in Florida, if your ex wife thinks you’re a bit of a nutter (or at least will say so to the cops) you can expect to have your legally owned firearms seized.  If, on the other hand, you are a Saudi Al Qaeda operative training to use top of the line combat jets, no one will do a thing.  One does wonder at such.  And, just as an aside, the airbase in question was also a “gun free zone.”


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The Pence Principle is No Prophylactic Part II

In our previous post we discussed the bizarre case of Nebraska’s football coach, and how a woman you have never met can sue you sixteen years after the fact for an alleged rape which she does not even allege that you committed, or for that matter were even aware of, because you had previously been an employee of the university where she was a student when she alleges the rape occurred.  I move that in the future this will be known as the “Kevin Bacon Tort” since it brings a cause of action solely on the basis of being within six degrees of separation from the plaintiff.

Absurd as the Bacon Tort is, it is not even close to being the worst example of why men should not rely on the Pence Principle to protect them from accusations of sexual misconduct.  There are two young men whose cases we will examine next, and their cases are far more disturbing than that of Coach Riley.

First, consider Grant Neal, formerly of Colorado State University, a handsome and popular athlete attending school on football and wrestling scholarships.  Neal entered into a relationship with one of the teams athletic trainers, a young woman known only as “Jane Doe.”  The relationship became sexual, and continued for some time.  At one point Ms. Doe’s friend noticed that she had a hickey, and enquired as to its origin.  Upon learning that Doe was in a relationship with Grant, the unnamed friend (referred to hereafter as Karen) decided that the hickey was proof of sexual assault.  Karen dutifully reported this assumed assault to the school’s Title IX office, aka federally empowered man hating lesbian sex cops, for investigation.

Upon questioning, Doe repeatedly told her interrogators that the sexual contact between herself and Neal was entirely, completely, unabashedly consentual, and perhaps even hinted that it was enjoyable.  Nevertheless, the school’s grand inquisitor, one Jennifer Deluna, decided that Neal was a sexual predator, which resulted in the loss of his scholarships and removal from campus.  Not only did Neal lose his place at Colorado State, but he soon found no other school was willing to allow him to proffer him a scholarship or even allow him to enroll.

As an interesting side note, Deluna is Colorado State’s director of Inclusivity and Diversity or some such nonsense.  Yet in removing Neal from campus she got rid of a black man, apparently for the crime of having had sex with a white woman.  And to think I once believed Orwell was satire.

Mr. Neal eventually sued, and Colorado State eventually settled, although it took two years and cost Neal much of his most valuable window as an athlete.  The racist Mizz Deluna has apparently suffered no ill effects to her own career, despite costing her employer what must have been a rather large sum of money for her misconduct.  Nice work if you can get it.

A similar, and possibly worse case, is that of former USC football kicker Matt Boermeester.  Boermeester first gained fame when he booted a 46 yard game winning field goal to cap a comeback victory over Penn State in the Rose Bowl.  As befits a winner on such a stage he also had what appeared to be an extraordinarily happy relationship with one Zoe Katz, who was herself an accomplished athlete as a member of the USC tennis team.  Photos of the two online show an unusually attractive and apparently mutually adoring couple.  Unfortunately for the two young athletes, one of their neighbors allegedly did not see it that way.

One of Katz’s neighbors, who remains unnamed, believed he saw Boermeester “push” Katz.  The neighbor in question reported this to his roommate.  The unnamed roommate then approached a USC football coach with the allegation.  The football coach then forwarded the anonymous third hand complaint to the Title IX office, where, predictably enough, the federally empowered man hating lesbian sex police promptly suspended Boermeester from the team and the campus.

Both Boermeester and Katz denied that there had been any altercation.  Both suggested that the neighbor in question might have seen them engaged in “horseplay” as both were high level athletes.  Katz repeatedly, loudly, and to anyone who would listen insisted that Boermeester had never abused her in any shape, form or fashion.  Nevertheless the university moved ahead with his expulsion.  Boermeester and Katz may have thought this was the worst, but then the threats began.

Katz found herself on the receiving end of multiple threats as the case unfolded.  As it turned out, the threats were not from Boermeester, nor from any of his friends or teammates.  Rather, the threats came directly from the Title IX office.  When the grand inquisitors/predatory lesbians learned that Katz was publicly defending Boermeester they began threatening her with various unspecified “actions”, perhaps even including loss of her own scholarship and expulsion, if she did not cease and desist “discussing an ongoing case.”  The office of lesbian predation went so far as to forbid Katz from speaking to her own friends since she insisted on Boermeester’s innocence.

Unlike Neal, who at least eventually won a court case, Boermeester had the ill fortune to be attending school in California, whose courts have been far more reluctant to offer justice in such cases.  Katz eventually was abused, although not be Boermeester, but by the Title IX office which threatened her to protect her (intentional infliction of emotional distress, which in a sane country actually is a tort under the law).

Much has been made lately of the current Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, working to roll back these types of abuses, which is all well and good, but if, however, Creepy Uncle Joe wins the November election (pray hard for deliverance) then you can rest assured the kangaroo courts will be back with a vengeance no second round of Xi TB could hope to match.

All of which begs the question…. How could either of these young men have protected themselves?


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The Pence Principle is no Prophylactic Part I

Much has been made of the “Pence Principle”, a strategy based on the tactical behavior of Vice President Pence vis a vis members of the opposite sex.  Namely he refuses to ever meet or be alone with any woman other than his wife.  While Pence has not said so explicitly, many men have assumed Pence does this to protect himself from allegations of misconduct.  My own thoughts on this are somewhat divergent; I believe Pence is a genuinely religious man who is working to prevent placing himself in the way of temptation, and if this protects him from spurious allegations so much the better.

While Pence’s penchant for protecting his honor and marriage are laudable, we should be cautious in recommending this behavior as a prophylactic against being accused, subjected to legal actions, disemployed, having your name dragged through the mud, and all the other assorted horrors that come with being named as a man guilty of sexual misconduct.  The first case I would like to examine is that of Nebraska football coach Mike Riley.

Riley’s name appeared in the national news in 2015 when he was named as a defendant by a woman suing over an alleged rape.  If we examine the details of this suit, we find that there is no amount of principled action which could have protected Riley from this attack.

First of all, the accuser never claimed that Riley assaulted her, or took part in assaulting her, or knew about someone assaulting her, or had any relation to her alleged assailant.  Instead, she accused Riley of creating a campus culture which allowed her alleged assailant to rape her.  I’m going to break this down piece by piece, it’s all out there on the web for anyone who cared to look it up.

  1.  The woman claims her attack took place in 1999.  There is no police record or report of any such event, and the allegation 16 years after the fact was the first Riley could have heard of it.
  2. Riley was not employed by Oregon State University, the school the woman was attending, at the time of her alleged attack.  He had left the school after the previous football season and was coaching in the NFL at the time of the alleged attack.
  3.  According to the alleged victim, the alleged assault did not take place on campus.  Her report was that it took place in an off campus apartment complex not under the control of the school.
  4.  According to the alleged victim, her alleged assailant was not a student at Oregon State; rather he was the cousin of a student.
  5.  The alleged victim admits she had been drinking; she claims, with no evidence, that her drink was spiked.
  6.  The alleged victim was a legal adult, but not of legal drinking age, at the time of her alleged assault.

Now at this point one begins to wonder what the school could have done, or even should have done, according to the complaint at hand.  Can the school refuse to allow students who are legal adults to leave campus?  Can the school refuse to allow students who are legal adults to party with non-students?  The list of questions goes on and on.  Short of Sharia law, or perhaps implementing the social policies of The Handmaid’s Tale, there appears to be little the school could have done to prevent the alleged assault.

Now, if Riley was no longer even employed at the school, why was he named in the complaint?  Well, first of all he has deep pockets.  As an NFL and top tier division I football coach of many years it’s safe to assume Riley is a multi millionaire several times over, and if you’re going to sue, you may as well sue the rich guy as the poor guy.

The specific legal theory the plaintiff pursued, however, is that Riley created a “rape culture” at Oregon State University.  How, one wonders, could Riley have done such a thing?  He didn’t rape anyone, he doesn’t condone rape, he’s never silenced a victim…. so what was his crime?

In 1998 a separate woman, Brenda Tracey, alleged she was gang raped by four men, including two players on Riley’s team.  The players were arrested, and Riley suspended them from the team.  The police investigated, and the prosecutor found insufficient evidence to charge anyone with anything, upon which all charges were dropped.  Learning that all charges against his players had been dropped, Riley re-instated his players after having given them a good tongue lashing for irresponsible behavior.

The woman who sued Riley in 2015 did so under the theory that since he had given his players due process, and since he re-instated them to the football team after the D.A. exonerated them, he had established a de facto rape society on that campus.

Which brings us to where we are today… Even if a man is exonerated, unless y0u act as a woman’s white knight and destroy the man she accused, then you are equally culpable and must be punished in a court of law.  What protection is the Pence Principle to this?


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That Time John Snow Saved London

In 1854 London, a cholera outbreak had killed hundreds, with mortality rates recorded as high as 12.8% in some areas.  Residents were fleeing the neighborhood while hospitals struggled to help the victims of the outbreak, including heroic efforts by a later to be famous nurse named Florence Nightingale on behalf of the destitute “fallen women” of the area.  This was only the latest of a string of outbreaks which had been plaguing the city for over two decades, with steadily worsening results for the poorer classes.

An enterprising physician named John Snow discounted the prevailing scientific theory of his day that the cholera was carried along in “poison air” which gathered in the lower regions of the city; instead he tracked each individual case of the disease, plotted their locations and common habits, and posited that it was actually contaminated water behind the outbreak.  City leaders and other physicians were skeptical at best, but in desperation to stem the outbreak local community leaders finally allowed Dr. Snow to remove the handle of the Broad Street pump, which he had identified as the center of the outbreak.  In an action which has become legendary among epidemiologists, Snow removed the handle September 8, 1854.  Almost immediately the outbreak was stopped, and a new understanding of the spread of disease, and how to stem it, began to grow.

All of this should be common knowledge to any reasonably educated person, yet it seems the lesson taught by Dr. Snow is completely lost upon the medical professionals currently running the U.S. action to stop the Covid-19 (aka Chinese bat soup flu) outbreak in our country.  We know the vector of infection, we have identified the infected pump, and yet we still apply leeches to let the blood from our economy rather than break the handle off the pump.

Behold, the Broad Street Pump Handle of 2020:

As of this report, 84 NYC MTA workers have died of the Xi TB, which extrapolated out is a rate of 1,667 per million.  By contrast, the hardest hit country in the world per capita, Belgium, has a fatality rate of only 656.7 per million, followed by Spain at 519.5 and Italy at 458.1.  Thus, despite all the hoopla we’ve heard in the news about the collapse of Italy, a NYC MTA worker has a 364% greater chance of dying of Covid 19 than your average Italian.

This subway system transports an average of 5.7 million riders per day, in cramped cars which are now cleaned and disinfected on an irregular basis at best, shoulder to shoulder in a sealed tube with at least a few infected individuals on every ride.  But Fuhrer Deblasio has decreed that the trains must run, even as the churches and synagogues may be closed “permanently”.  Fascists always do have this thing about the trains running, don’t they?

Downstate New York, particularly New York City itself, is the epicenter for infection in the U.S., with other major hubs for the pandemic such as Miami Beach, Chicago and Detroit sharing regular, direct air travel from New York.  This pandemic is stewing in the closed, cramped, fetid, unsanitary confines of the subway system which still runs today.  We have placed the people of our nation in house arrest to stop an epidemic, all while ignoring the current source.  It’s past time to follow Dr. Snow’s example and break off the pump handle.  Shut down the NYC subway system until the pandemic passes.


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A Model Disaster

April 26, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette announced that there were 104 hospital beds in the state currently occupied by Covid 19 patients.  The same article revealed that the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, a group that has been doing much (most?) of the modeling for government agencies during this pandemic, had predicted on April 2 that by the 26th Arkansas would have 2,000 Covid 19 patients occupying hospital beds.  Thus the IMHE overstated Arkansas’ need for Covid 19 beds by a mere 1,823%, or if you prefer, by a full order of magnitude, and then double that number.

From a statistical perspective, this means that the IMHE’s numbers are pure garbage, having no relation in any shape, form or fashion to objective reality.  Yet these numbers are being used nationwide to set public policy, without debate, through unilateral executive action.  We have seen millions of our countrymen lose their businesses and their employment, we have seen our fundamental civil liberties curtailed or stripped altogether, we see the supply chains for even basic necessities of life beginning to snap, all on the basis of these models.  One wonders, when these models prove to be completely wrong, will the modelers be held to account?  So far it seems unlikely.

Now many of our luminaries tell the populace that we should not expect to re-open until a vaccine is available for Covid 19, a process they assure us will take “only” 12 to 18 months.  Yet in only a little over a month we see an all time record level of new unemployment and our farms grinding to a halt.  We have not seen the exponential growth viral deaths that we were warned of; we are seeing an exponential explosion of poverty and a rising specter of famine.

And about that 12-18 months for a vaccine…. SARS, a virus very closely related to Covid 19, came on the seen in 2002, followed by MERS, another corona virus, in 2012.  Scientists have been searching for vaccines for both of these viruses since they appeared, so far without success.  The government agents that promise a vaccine in 18 months have so far offered no answer as to why they will be more successful this time.

Which is to say we are entering a period of civil unrest, possible mass starvation, growing authoritarianism… and all in the name of following allegedly scientific models that have proven wrong every single time they have been measured against real world outcomes.  Perhaps we should re-consider our approach.




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Shun the Slut

Paul, writing to the church in Corinth, said,”

9  ¶ I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:
10  yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.
11  But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such a one, no, not to eat.
12  For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?

But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.”  (I Corinthians 5)

Here is the problem the church faced:  Whether or not individual Christians, on a personal level, should associate with immoral people.  Paul had, in a previous letter which is no longer extant, exhorted the Corinthian brethren to avoid sexually immoral people.  Here he explains and expands upon that previous command.

First of all, Christians are not to avoid immoral people “of the world.”  This would be impossible, a fact which Paul acknowledges, and further prevent evangelizing the sexually immoral people of the world, which Christ Himself did. 

Paul explains that if anyone calls himself a brother, a fellow Christian, and yet continues in immoral conduct, including sexually immoral conduct, that person is to be avoided, even to the point of refusing to set down at a table and eat with him.  This is a charge given both to Christians on an individual level, and to the congregation as a whole. 

Recently I have discovered that many of my fellow Christians believe that they have an “out” on this command.  Some teach that if the adulterous Christian is a member of your own family, then it is okay to carry on as normal.  Others hold that this only applies to a local congregation, and that if the fornicating Christian in question is a member of a different congregation, or if the congregation as a whole declines to take action, then they are still free to continue in association and fellowship with this sinner.

This is reminiscent of the Pharisees who taught that if a man swore by the altar in the temple his oath was not binding, but if he swore by the gold in the altar then it was binding.  It seems too many would-be Christians are always searching for a loophole which allows them to evade the plain commands God gives His people.

Note that Paul himself was a lawyer, and a very highly trained one at that.  Note as well that if you call yourself a Christian then you are obligated to acknowledge that Paul is speaking here through divine inspiration and with apostolic authority.  As he warns in verses 7 and 8, “a little leaven leavens the whole lump.”  Paul gives a direct command, without wiggle room, and warns that failure to follow his command will lead to contamination of the entire church.

Our churches today are contaminated be sexual immorality because we have not purged out the leaven of the slut.  Even if a woman is publicly rebuked, her friends and (physical) family in the church will still rally to her defense.  She will not be shunned.  She will not be excluded from social events hosted by members of the church.  She will not be shamed.  And we wonder why the leaven of sexual immorality has gone through the body of Christ. 

Christ warns us that anyone who places his earthly family ahead of Christ is not worthy of Him.  It is well past time we accept this plain statement, and shun the sluts in the church until they repent.  Anything else will cost us our own souls as well as forfeiting any chance to bring sluts to true repentance.


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What I Learned at the Sexual Harassment Seminar

I’m sure some of you will take one look at the title and know what this is going to be about. Far be it from me to disappoint you.
Those of you who follow politics closely are probably familiar with Herman Cain, the erstwhile hopeful for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012. As you may be aware, Mr. Cain was leading the polls for the nomination when his candidacy was upended by allegations of past indiscretions with female employees in the corporation he represented in the late 1990s. I believe I have a bit of insight into those allegations, as well as their relationship to the “female imperative” discussion taking place in some of the better blogs on the internet.
Mr. Cain insisted that he was largely “unaware” of the allegations made against him, and that he was further completely out of the loop on the settlement paid to one of his accusers. Most commentators found these statements to be ludicrous, but upon closer inspection Mr. Cain’s statements have the ring of truth.
In the same time frame in which Mr. Cain was accused of sexual harassment, I was also employed by a mid-sized corporation headquartered out of Atlanta, GA, the same location where Mr. Cain was employed. As part of the training for all employees, I was required to attend “sexual harassment” training sessions. And herein lies the rub, so to speak.
The sessions I attended were primarily videos, slickly produced, and with corporate counsel’s seal of approval. These sessions were tailored around the current court doctrines coming out of state and federal courts in the Atlanta area. And here is what I learned….
1) Women NEVER lie about sexual harassment. The pain of having to disclose sexual harassment is SO GREAT that no woman would EVER lie about it. Hence the accusation of sexual harassment by a woman is in itself prove positive that sexual harassment occurred.
2) Women often do not realize they have been sexually harassed until they receive a negative report on their job performance. Only when she reflects as to why her job performance has been poor does a woman realize she has been a victim of sexual harassment, which prevented her from doing her job properly.
3) The “reasonable man” standard of common law is outdated, and should be replaced with a “reasonable woman” standard in matters of sexual harassment law.
4) A man may sexually harass a woman without any knowledge or intent of doing so. Only the woman can tell is she is being sexually harassed. This does NOT excuse the behavior of the offending male.
Okay, I’m sure you can see where this is going. Every quarter my fellow employees and I would receive our performance reviews. As a rule, the womyn all got positive reviews, for obvious reasons. If, however, a woman somehow received a negative review, we would all wait around to see which poor schlub was going to lose his job for having “sexually harassed” her.
What does this have to do with Mr. Cain? Well, as I said, his corporation was also operating out of Atlanta. At least one of the two accusers was a “serial harassee” who had filed previous complaints and received cash and prizes. Now was this company going to fire a high-ranking African-American executive, or would they just pay the accuser off? After all, the accusation proved the crime……
As for the feminist imperative…. Never once was it even suggested that a woman might sexually harass a man (or another woman). It was specifically stated that womyn NEVER lie about such matters. The common law doctrine of a thousand years was discarded for this new system. And it all served to ensure that womyn were immune from any negative performance reviews and could remove any male employee in their way at any time, with no evidence whatsoever other than an accusation. Call it the new witch hunt, it’s just that the witches are the ones doing the hunting now.

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