What They Fear

So, in case you hadn’t heard, the Democratic Socialists of America and Black Lives Matter had themselves a little meeting, and now they’re teaming up. No word yet on who gets to play Lex Luthor, but I hear Patrisse Cullors has the Clayface role all locked up. At any rate, the DSA is all atwitter about recent rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court, so I suppose it would be good to know just why they’re so upset and what they want to do about it.

From the DSA website, which I decline to link due to an uncharacteristic and most likely quite temporary attack of good taste, where the writer states:

The dismantling of abortion rights by the far right and Christian nationalists could be just the beginning of future right-wing attacks on landmark decisions that rely on the right to privacy, including Obergefell v. Hodges, recognizing a fundamental right to same-sex marriage; Griswold v. Connecticut, recognizing a fundamental right to access contraceptives and prevent pregnancy; and Lawrence v. Texas, finding unconstitutional state sodomy laws. It is not just the rights to privacy and bodily autonomy protecting sexual and reproductive freedom this majority is bent on eviscerating, however; just this month the Court has knocked down one more brick in the wall between church and state in Carson v. Makin; ruled unconstitutional a 108-year-old New York law limiting concealed carry of guns in New York State Rifle & Pistol Asso­ci­ation Inc. v. Bruen, on the basis of a 13-year-old precedent; and issued a decision in Vega v. Tekoh that begs reactionary forces to bring the Court a case to allow them to overturn Miranda v. Arizona, a case so woven into the fabric of American life schoolchildren can recite its associated warnings.

Okay, let’s break this down. First of all, opposition to abortion on demand all the way up until two years of age lands one on the far right, and also makes one a Christian nationalist. I’m not really sure about the “far right” bit, but by all means sign me up for Christian nationalist. I love God, I’m a Christian, I love my country, and I want to convert as many people as possible. I also intend to do all I can to put a stop to the slaughter of infants. If that means abortionists publicly hanged by the neck until dead (after a fair trial, of course) then by all means, lets get started yesterday.

Griswold… well, really, are y’all serious? I would agree that married Christian couples shouldn’t be using contraceptives, but I wasn’t aware of anyone, anywhere, currently making a hullaballoo about it. I suppose they might be worried that if they continue forcing grade-schoolers to put condoms on bananas to pass health class there might finally be an uprising… (really, we should be so lucky). But I cannot find any church anywhere advocating to make contraception illegal again. Although, in all fairness to the DSA, I would totally sign on to that one, so maybe they should be worried. Also, I would maintain that the death penalty for dispensing contraceptives is really a bit too extreme…. unless, of course, you’re forcing grade-schoolers to put condoms on bananas, in which case we’ll save some space on the abortionists’ gallows for you as well.

Lawrence… well, this one is just embarrassing for the court. In 1986 the USSC upheld state sodomy laws, then they reversed themselves less than 20 years later. Seriously, John Roberts is always getting his panties in a wad about reversing precedent and damaging the court’s prestige, so why isn’t he all knotted up about Lawrence? Sodomy laws go back…. well, pretty much forever. And yes, they have often been honored mostly in the breach (lookin’ at you, HMS Royal Navy). Still, why are socialists so hung up on sodomy? Well, frankly, socialism’s main appeal is to life’s losers, and if the only sex you can get is… okay, you can figure out the rest. MONKEYPOX!!!!!!

Carson ruling…. Hey, DSA, I thought you were about supporting workers, and especially school teachers, and MOST ESPECIALLY OF ALL school teachers exercising their first amendment rights. So now you’re siding with the state against the workers? What kind of socialism is this, anyway? Oh, right, the same that happens EVERY TIME with you guys. The true kings of bait and switch. Just imagine if the coach had gone out onto the field and put a condom on a banana in front of all the fans at half-time; DSA and BLM would be burning down the town if he got fired.

Bruen… so over a century ago a mob boss got gun control passed so he could oppress local working people (aka the proletariat) without them being able to fight back. And DSA is TOTALLY down with that. Additionally, virtually all post-Bellum gun control laws in Southern states were enacted to keep freed Blacks from owning weapons… and BLM is totally down with that! I really, really miss the Deacons of Defense. Maybe we can find some old-timers to help get them started up again.

Tekoh… So DSA is celebrating that grade schoolers can recite their Miranda warning by heart…. WHY???? Why do grade schoolers, who test scores say can’t read or do math worth a hoot, need to have Miranda memorized by heart? What about the Declaration of Independence (at least the preamble). What about the preamble to the Constitution? What about ANY of the Bill of Rights? What about the 23rd Psalm? No, all they know is their Miranda rights and how to put condoms on bananas.

So, all in all, they are terrified that we will be Christians, love America, protect babies, have children, eschew sodomy, own weapons and avoid unnecessary run-ins with the police. I must, therefore, believe that they embrace the opposite on all of these things. Hmmm….

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Romans 1:32, KJV

See also: https://sigmaframe.wordpress.com/2022/07/30/the-distension-of-cathartic-cathexis/#more-14282

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  1. Griswold… well, really, are y’all serious? I would agree that married Christian couples shouldn’t be using contraceptives, but I wasn’t aware of anyone, anywhere, currently making a hullaballoo about it

    It is all about fear mongering for those too stupid to think.

    People who do this are automatically not taken seriously

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