Election Night Part 2

In the Oklahoma governor race, recent news polls from October showed the Democrat challenger ahead, the last poll before the election had the incumbent Republican Governor Stitt up only 1 point. With 78% of the vote in, Stitt is now up 56.3-40.9, or 15.4 points, which is quite a bit more than 1. These polls had been used to try to convince voters that Stitt could not win (and hence suppress the non-leftist vote). Stitt recently signed into law a bill which banned abortion from the moment of conception in Oklahoma, a prime reason the left wants his head on a platter. BTW, the alleged margin of error in the poll showing Stitt up only one was 4.4. Once again the media has a narrative to push.

Democracy is dead?…. https://theothermccain.com/2022/11/08/midterm-election-results-hq-have-we-finished-killing-democracy-yet/


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